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"Since 1925, Bang & Olufsen has been synonymous with the art of acoustic perfection. To this day our craftsmen still calibrate and tune every loudspeaker model by hand."

Currently on display for you:

  • H7 & H8's, premium wireless over-ear headphone with authentic, clear sound performance.
  • A1 is a new, ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker. Dust and splash resistant. Designed for life on the go.
  • Beolit 15 features our True360 omnidirectional sound, which lets everyone enjoy equally good sound no matter where they are, or where in the room you put the Beolit 15.
  • Bring the A2 anywhere to boost your party-mood, bring you from minor to major or just dwell on melancholy for a little while.
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ATTO Technology ThunderLink Devices Are Now Certified With Avid's Shared Storage

Your way-cool elite creative workstation now has the opportunity to welcome a super-compatible new kid on the block (who will enable you and your team to experience real-time editorial collaboration and accelerated media workflows). As a MAC OS X user, you spend all your creative hours working on only the most top-of-the-line, artist-friendly platforms capable of handling your high bandwidth content, data-intensive projects. That’s why one of the world’s leading providers of extensive storage capacity, super-fast network connectivity ability, and user-friendly infrastructure solutions is delighted to share the news that its ThunderLink™ 10GbE Desklink devices: ThunderLink NS 2102 and NS 2101, and ThunderLink NT 2102 play well with others and are now certified for use with Avid’s collaborative shared storage solutions. So, whether you’re a content creator or editor working in your Mac OS X environment, you can now rest assured knowing that there’s a fully-tested and well-supported, high-performing option available to handle all the data-intensive demands of your projects’ digital media workloads.

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Periscope Integrates With GoPro So You Can Stream All The Action

Livestreaming is no longer the providence of the video gamer! Those who put their physical limits to the test can now directly link their action footage to their online following by using their GoPro with the newly integrated Periscope application for the iOS.

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Creating Music Just Got Easier Thanks To Apple's Music Memos

Recording the ultimate incarnation of the song your soul has been forging in a fully equipped sound studio is certainly one part of the music making experience, but musicians and songwriters spend more of their time experimenting with their craft and looking for the beauty hidden in the vibrations of their instruments. Just because these jams are rough drafts of a final copy doesn't make them less important, but it can be cripplingly expensive to rent a studio for practice. Instead of letting the music you make fade into the universe, amplify the power of your practices with Apple's free Music Memos application.

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Marshall Stockwell: Sound Meets Style

The speakers on smart devices are of a higher quality than the MIDI-challenged incarnations of yesteryear, but they have tend to have the same purpose as headphones: delivering quality sound at close ranges. When you start cranking up the volume or switch to speaker mode, you will hear the degradation in sound quality that can ruin the feel of the music. Whether you're a music lover, the composer who is on the move with your music-making laptop, or a street musician wanting to give a concert feel to your fans, you should look at the beautiful, affordable, and powerful Marshall Stockwell Speaker.

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MelroseMAC: The Only Carrier of ColorWare in Southern California

Based in Southern California, MelroseMAC is known as the way-cool boutique that provides and supports all things MAC-related for creatives in broadcasting, post-production, audio, gaming, and digital media. MelroseMAC has everything for the entire MAC line-up even your out-of-the-box-thinking brain can’t possibly imagine! In fact, if you are seeking a creative (and colorful) way to transform your electronic devices from their standard manufactured dull shades to any other color imaginable (or you’re looking to add your logo or some customized, unique design to them), you’ll be delighted to discover that MelroseMAC is now a authorized retailer of ColorWare! 

Blackmagic Design's Fusion Studio Brings Marvel's Ant Man to Life

Using camera tricks to create an illusion of size difference is not unfamiliar to Hollywood. The films of yesteryear like Godzilla and the original Star Wars trilogy used models to bring their creations to life. In the Lord of the Rings films, clever use of camera angles and a touch of CGI made full-sized actors like Elijah Wood appear to be furry-footed half-men. Prime Focus World, a part of the production crew of Marvel's Ant-Man, used the tools available in Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio to create a stereo graphic 3D film with one of the most striking disparities in size between the title character and the surrounding world.

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